Younger brother shares memories of firefighter

Younger brother shares memories of firefighter
Scott Charlson, a 2001 graduate of Lifegate Christian School in Eugene, Ore., died in the 2008 helicopter crash.

Jake Carlson wrote and told us about his brother, Scott Charlson, one of the seven Oregon firefighters presumed dead in a helicopter crash in California. Did you know any of the missing men? Share your memories.

Scott Charlson was and still is my Brother, and through all the years he has been all that you could ask for in a Brother.

When you fell down, he was always right there to pick you back up, dust you off, crack some stupid joke and send you on your way with a smile. He was always there to back you up when you confronted a situation you couldn't handle by yourself, and he's always been there to poke fun at how I squish my rolls before I eat them. 

He's always been an extreme optimist even in the worst of times, and through the recent tough years in the family he's always seen better days ahead and strived to take us there with him.

He was never a quitter. In the big things and the small he never gave up. He considered quitting firefighting after the first 2 weeks, but decided that he needed to prove to himself that he could make it, and so he did. And we know that right now he's up in heaven chillin' with God experiencing more amazing things than we could ever hope  to experience here on earth, and we are left to rely upon God for his strength to get us through this.

This was going to be his last year in school at Southern Oregon University studying to be a Sports Journalism major and was his first year working as a fireman. 

He loved to play hockey and was a huge fan of the 49ers football team and hoped one day to be a sports-caster for ESPN. 

He was full of life and he lived to the fullest without regret, never looking back, but always pushing forward. He was a major influence to all of his friends, there was never a dull moment to be had around Scott. He strived for better things in his life and pulled everyone along with him to better things whether they could see it at the time or not, but we all ended up seeing it in the end.

The impact he has had on the community surrounding him is too great to spell out in words; to know it, you must have known him, and I am sorry for the people who can not have that opportunity. The memories we have of him are only good and he will live on in all of our hearts and minds forever.

I hope that all makes sense and is somewhat useful. The love that my family and I have for my Brother is un-expressible, and to be able to tell everyone about this amazing man makes this situation at least somewhat liveable. Thank you for everything.