Firefighter's family 'miss his voice, wit and big hugs'

Firefighter's family 'miss his voice, wit and big hugs'

The family of Bryan Rich, one of the seven Oregon firefighters missing and presumed among the nine people dead in California, shared this story about Bryan. Did you know any of the men? Share your memories.

My son was one of the nine killed in the helicopter crash in Northern California.

He was loved by so many friends and family. He touched so many lives with his big heart.

He was a journeyman carpenter by trade and fell on the hard times in building in Medford, Ore. He took this job until the season would have ended and planned to visit with his mother and I this fall.

He was a Christian who loved God and Jesus. I know where he went, and some day I will be greeted by him as we pass from this life into the hands of God.

Until then, we will miss his voice, wit and big hugs. 

Bryan loved what he was doing and was proud of being able to help others; that was Bryan.

His girlfriend told me about a firefighter that was not very popular and was left pretty much alone. Bryan I am told would sit and eat with him to give him company.

As a child, a teacher of his once told us that their was a retarded boy and when they played games with the ball Bryan would see to it that he got to play also.

We say the good die young, and I guess the reason is that heaven needed the help.

Gods blessings to all who read this and pray for us in our time of grief.

-- Jim, Donna and Lee Rich