'Vote Hussein Osama' sign violates state law

'Vote Hussein Osama' sign violates state law

ELMIRA, Ore. - Walter Powers is getting a lot of attention from his homemade election signs, one of which reads "Got white guilt? Vote Hussein Osama Biden."

After KVAL profiled him Thursday night, Powers says a woman in Junction City gave him a call.

"She said, 'I saw your signs on TV, I totally agree. Don't let anybody force you to take them down,'" Powers said.

But Powers might not have a choice.

State law bans political signs larger than 12 square feet near state highways, even if they're on private property.

So how big are Powers' signs?

We measured, and found they're four feet by four feet. That equals 16 square feet, and that's too big.

Powers didn't know it was against the law to display a sign that big near Territorial Highway.

"I've had bigger signs out there than that," he said.

The violation means ODOT could instruct Powers to remove his signs. But first, someone would have to file an objection.

That wouldn't surprise Powers.

"I imagine there will be at least one probably hard-nosed liberal out there that might run and complain," Powers said.

But it turns out a complaint might not make a difference. ODOT said Powers would have 30 days to remove his signs.

And by that time, the election will be over.