Sharp-eyed homeless man helped bust clever 'inner tube bandit'

Sharp-eyed homeless man helped bust clever 'inner tube bandit'
Anthony J. Curcio
SEATTLE -- The FBI says a tip from a homeless man led them to a bandit who held up an armored car in Monroe and escaped down a river on an inner tube.

Police investigate the scene of the armored truck robbery on Sept. 30.

Anthony Curcio, 28, of Lake Stevens, was charged in U.S. District Court on Tuesday with one count of interfering with commerce.

Investigators say he sprayed an armored car guard in the face with pepper spray on Sept. 30, made off with $400,000, then hopped on a yellow inner tube and escaped down Woods Creek.

The FBI says it cracked the case when agents learned that about two weeks before the robbery, a homeless man called 911 to report that he found a can of Mace, a wig and a two-way radio behind a trash bin nearby.

The inner tube that police believe was used to flee the scene of the robbery.

When a man came to retrieve the items, the homeless man wrote down the license plate number of his car. The license plate was registered to Curcio's wife.

DNA was collected from evidence gathered at the scene, and on Oct. 28 the Washington State Patrol crime lab sent Monroe police a DNA report that matched Anthony Curcio's.

Officers said a significant amount of money was found when Curcio was arrested.

A few days before the robbery, it's believed that the suspect placed an advertisement on Craigslist for laborers to work a landscape job in the areas near the Bank of America.

Several workers showed up in work clothes, as requested by the advertisement, that were similar to what the robber was seen wearing, to confuse police searching for the suspect.