Thieves steal phone lines, cut service to 280

Thieves steal phone lines, cut service to 280
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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- Telephone customers along High Pass Road were without service Monday, and the phone company suspects wire thieves are to blame.

Officials estimated service would be restored by 4 a.m. Tuesday. About 280 customers are without service.

Qwest learned of the outage around 10 a.m. Monday, according to Bob Gravely with Qwest. Gravely said the likely culprit: someone cut and stole a section of overhead telephone wire.

Gravely said the estimated cost of the damage has yet to be determined. He said wire theft is a safety issue, both for the customers left without service and for the thief. He asked the public to contact police if they spot someone climbing a utility pole without an official utility vehicle in the vicinity.