Decoy coyote guards against bird strikes at Eugene airport

Decoy coyote guards against bird strikes at Eugene airport »Play Video
A decoy coyote keeps birds at bay at the Eugene airport

EUGENE, Ore. -- Decoy coyotes and pyro guns: the business of preventing bird strikes at the Eugene Municipal Airport hinges on the best way to scare birds away.

"The tower will call us if they see any birds in the area that may be getting ready to land," said Joseph Roberts, one of the workers who carry out the airport's counter-bird operations.

The pilot of a US Airway flights that went down in New York's Hudson River last week said he hit a flock of birds before losing his engines in what's being called a "double bird strike."

Bird strikes are not uncommon near airports -- there were 13 reported last year at the Eugene airport. The airport uses loud sounds and frightening visuals -- like the coyote decoy -- to keep birds away.

The pyro guns aren't used during the summer months because of fire danger.

The Portland International Airport use sirens and horns to ward off birds and recently added laser beams to their bird-fighting arsenol.