Are you ready for DTV? Find out

Are you ready for DTV? Find out »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- More than a quarter of major U.S. TV stations intend to shut down their analog broadcasts on Feb. 17, including KVAL and other TV stations in Eugene.

If you receive your TV signal for free over the air without cable or satellite, here's what you need to know to determine if you're ready for the conversion.

To receive a digital signal starting Feb. 17, you need either a TV with a built-in digital tuner or you need to buy a digital converter box.

Here's how to find out:

  • Start with your TV to figure out if it can receive a digital signal. If you bought your tv before 1998, it's most likely not digital.
  • If you bought your TV in March 2007 or later, it is required to have digital tuner.
  • Can't remember when you bought your TV? Time to do some sleuthing.

Take a minute to look all over your TV or scan your TV manual. If it says your TV has a digital receiver or digital tuner, or you see the letters DTV, ATSC or HDTV, you're digital ready.

If you've looked all over an older TV and don't see anything about digital, or you can't find the manual, check this online database

If your TV is not on the list, that means you're going to need a converter box.

On Wednesday, KVAL TV will take you through the steps to get a converter, where they are sold and how much they cost. On Thursday, KVAL will show you how to hook up the box.

Questions about DTV? Check KVAL's plans for DTV or send us an e-mail.