Wrestlers body slam boredom in Springfield

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Bolo goes airborne with a body slam against Tyson.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Headlocks, punches and flying body slams: the West Coast Wrestling Connection brought a night of action to the center ring at the Regional Sports Center in Springfield, Ore.

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Kellen Raeth gets his face slammed into the ropes by Erik Baeden. Baeden is half of the tag team Shoot to Kill, who lost their tag team championship title Saturday night.

Ike Van Dyke struggles to return to the match after being kicked in the stomach and thrown from the ring.

Jeff the Ref Manning, co-owner of West Coast Wrestling Connection, watches helplessly as chaos reigns in the ring as Dustin Snyder hits Mike Modest over the head with a metal folding chair. Modest’s tag team partner C.Q. Gallo writhes in incredible pain on the mat as Snyder’s partner Erik Baeden watches.

Draven Vargas struts for his fans before his match. 

Draven Vargas slaps hands his fans before his match.

Moose enters the arena with an American flag draped over his head.

Kellen Raeth yells to the audience for support as he attempts to pull Moose into the metal corner post of the ring, perhaps turning the 315 pound wrestler from Roseburg, Ore, into a eunuch.

Bolo watches his opponent, Tyson, writhe in pain after being stomped in the chest.

Bolo howls at the crowd like a deranged rabid ape after doing a body slam on Tyson.

Captain America poses for his fans during an autograph session during intermission.

Stoney McMoverson shakes hands with the fans prior to his match against Darin Corbin. 

Darin Corbin begs Stoney McMoverson not to punch him in the head.

Gentleman George Michael from London, who weighs in at 17 stones, taunts the crowd. The crowd responds with epithets.

Exile flies through the air and body slams on Gentleman George Michael.

A wrestler carries the tag team championship belt back to the dressing room. 

After the tag team match had spilled from the wrestling ring out into the crowd and the arena, C.Q. Gallo dives from the top of a set of lockers onto both his opponents, Erik Baeden, while Gallo’s partner, Mike Modest watches helplessly.

While his partner, C.Q. Gallo, struggles to regain the ability to stand after being brutally and repeatedly hit with a chair, Mike Modest raises his hand in triumph after defeating Erik Baeden and Dustin Snyder, known as Shoot to Kill, for the tag team championship title. 

All hell breaks loose in the Battle Royal, where the last man in the ring is declared the winner. 

Private Parker, 208 pounds, from Paris Island, S.C., dives from the ropes.

Moose, 315 pounds, from Roseburg, Ore, slaps hands with the fans. 

Moose does a butt slam against Kellen Raeth. 

Referee Scott Stevens counts to 10 while Moose and Kellen Raeth, both knocked unconscious after body slamming each other, lie prone on the mat.

Moose dives from the top of the ropes onto his opponent Kellen Raeth.

Tyson chokes his opponent, Lightning Division champ Mike Santiago, while waiting for his tag team partner Derick Neikirk to enter the fray.

Bolo flies through the air after diving from the top of the ropes, body slamming his opponent Tyson.

Stoney McMoverson holds Darin Corbin in a headlock as an angry fan squirts Corbin with water.

Exile slams Gentleman George Michael. 

C.Q. Gallo stands on the ropes and poses for the fans, flexing his muscles and showing off his championship belt. 

Mike Modest and C.Q. Gallo prepare to knock Erik Baeden and Dustin Snyder’s heads together after their tag team match spills out into the crowd. 

Derick Neikirk chats with his fans before a match.

Chaos takes over the ring as several wrestlers rush from the locker room and spontaneously begin to pummel other wrestlers during a scheduled 20-minute tag team match.

The crowd at the Regional Sports Center in Springfield, Ore., cheer as C.Q. Gallo and Mike Modest raise their hands in victory after winning the tag team championship match.