Troubled whale disappears from coast?

Troubled whale disappears from coast?
In this photo released by the Coast Guard, blood is seen near a whale that got stuck in the surf off the Oregon Coast on Friday March 6, 2009.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - A whale in trouble has managed to get out of the surf near Florence and swim away. But its fate is unknown.

The whale is believed to be a sei (say) whale, which normally wouldn't be seen close to shore.

Jim Rice coordinates a network that responds to stranded marine mammals.

He says the whale spent several hours in waist-deep water getting pounded by waves north of the Siuslaw River on Friday afternoon. He says it appeared debilitated, and there was blood in the water - which might have been from the pounding.

At about dusk, Rice says, the whale started swimming parallel to the coast, staying upright, and then submerging and surfacing to breathe.

On Saturday morning, the Coast Guard made two flights but didn't see the whale.