Struggling whale likely same one found dead

Struggling whale likely same one found dead
A YouNews contributor sent in this photo taken Saturday March 7, 2009, of a dead whale that washed ashore near Sea Lion Caves.
PORTLAND, Ore. - A whale that was seen struggling off the Oregon Coast is likely the same one found beached on Saturday near Florence, authorities said.

The whale is believed to be a sei (say) whale, which normally wouldn't be seen close to shore.

A YouNews contributor captured an image of the beached whale near Sea Lion Caves on Saturday, and KVAL's sister station in Portland sent the photo to Jim Rice, who coordinates a network that responds to stranded marine mammals.

After looking at the photo, Rice said he believes the dead whale is a sei whale and that it is likely the same one that spent several hours in waist-deep water getting pounded by waves north of the Siuslaw River on Friday afternoon.

The beached whale is in an area very difficult to reach. Rice said he planned to head there Sunday to confirm his suspicions.