Photos of house cat mauled by cougar

Photos of house cat mauled by cougar
Bill Garber got this photograph of the cougar in his yard in Corvallis. Have you photographed the Corvallis cougar? Post to YouNews at or e-mail

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- State officials said Monday that a cougar prowling Corvallis mauled a house cat near an elementary school and has been spotted in town during the day time on Friday.

And Saturday.

And Sunday.

"This one is a high priority because it's ringing all the bells," said Rick Swart, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. "Multiple sigthings, in the daytime, in an urban area -- and an attack on a domestic cat."

The state termed the cat "a possible threat to human safety." The cougar remained at large Monday.

KVAL News obtained photographs of the house cat mauled by the cougar: