Eugene turns on to Off the Waffle

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Big orange hair, code for delicious waffles.

EUGENE, Ore- - Waffles aren't just for breakfast anymore.

Eugene residents are flocking to a new waffle shop at all times of day to pick up thick liege-style waffles at Off the Waffle.

Open since February, Off the Waffle serves up the thick yeast-based waffles covered in carmelized sugar.

"It's always been a childhood fantasy of this waffle," said Omer Orian.  "And we haven't been able to get them unless we go to Belgium."

Omer and brother Dave lived in Belgium for a few years as children.  The brothers ended up in Eugene in December.

"When time came to get a job, it seemed hard to get one," said Omer.  "So I said let's open our own little thing."

The "little thing" is quickly growing a following.

"Now that I found the place, [I come] probably two or three times a week," said David Wonder, who got six waffles to share with his roomates. 

Wonder favors the plain variety.  The waffles are also available in vegan varities or filled with gooey chocolate.  The Nib-tella waffle is filled with a hazelnut-chocolate spread crafted by Eugene dessert bar Nib.

On Thursday, Dave Orian said, they plan to debut a new type of waffle: savory, made with goat cheese.