O say can you see the O?

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The O on the left is 816 square feet. The zoning for Autzen Stadium allows for 100 square foot signs. The computer-generated image on the right shows a 100 sq. ft. O on Autzen.

EUGENE, Ore. -- The maximum size a sign can be, given the way Autzen Stadium is zoned by the city, is 100 square feet.

The big ol'O you see on the south side of Autzen stadium is 816 square feet, more than 8 times the permitted size.

This computer-enhanced video shows the difference between the two sizes.

The University of Oregon athletic department put up the sign -- without the city's permission -- for College GameDay, a national TV program that aired a Ducks home game.

The University later sought and received an exemption to the zoning from a city official.

Now a University of Oregon professor has appealed that exemption, saying the university should have applied for a permit or an exemption before the "O" went up.

So where can you see the O?

For folks at higher elevations, the O is a common site. You can see it from Spencers Butte, KVAL studios in the South Hills and a road that leads up the Hendricks Park.

Down in the valley floor, trees and buildings obscure the O as you move away from Autzen Stadium.
The O on the south of Auzten isn't the only giant O on the building. Eugene city officials OK'd a 1,200-square-foot sign in 2002. The sign was built, according to the land use management supervisor, without significant controversy.

There will be a public hearing May 13 on the appeal.

The meeting starts at 1 p.m. at the permit and information center at 99 West Tenth Avenue in Eugene.