Wild week in Oregon: Sharks, gators and pythons

Wild week in Oregon: Sharks, gators <i>and</i> pythons
A great white shark. An alligator. A Burmese python. In Oregon. What a week.

EUGENE, Ore. -- From sharks to alligators to turkeys to a 10-foot python on the loose: Animals seemed to take over the news this week.

A fisherman looking for tuna got a nearly 12-foot surprise last weekend in Depoe Bay and he didn't even need a bigger boat. The great white got caught in the crab pot line.

That wasn't the only shark catch this week. A 9-year-old is already a seasoned veteran of big game fishing after catching an 8-foot, 150-pound six gill shark in Washington State. After a quick photo op,  the family let it go.

Gators in Oregon? Kids lead cops to big lizardIn Southern Oregon, two boys came across a creature better known in the swamps of Florida. The boys led police to the alligator on the Applegate River. Troopers killed it and still no idea where it came from.

Meanwhile a Eugene teen thought he hit a bump in the road. That bump was a ten foot long python. The snake is now in the hands of a new owner.

Turkeys return to face the gunsPhilomath residents are back dodging turkeys and bullets.

Last fall 10 turkeys were killed by an officer after residents complained about noise and damaged lawns. Well it appears the nuisance is back.

The city manager says the state of department of fish and wildlife has issued a permit allowing officers to use deadly force to get rid of the problem by mid October.