Sheriff posts warning signs where dogs died

Sheriff posts warning signs where dogs died

ELKTON, Ore. -- The sheriff's office has posted signs near Elk Creek warning people about poisons that might be in the area after receiving more reports of dogs dying in the area.

"It's just a tragedy to lose either of them, especially both in one afternoon," said Shay Casey, owner of Kuta Ku and Porter Cable. The dogs died within 30 minutes of arriving at Elk Creek last Friday.

Porter Cable (at left) and Kuta Ku (above), victims of an unknown toxin near Elkton.

Given their violent symptoms -- vomiting and convulsing -- and their quick deaths, officials said the dogs were likely poisoned.
Oregon State Police said Porter and Kuta will be necropsied and tested for poisons like strychnine. 

On Tuesday, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office planned to post warning signs around the fishing hole.   

Brooks Fahy with Predator Defense, a wildlife organization, thinks the signs are going up too late.

"It is beyond belief how they've handled this," Fahy said. "It's been four days and as of this morning, there have been no warning posters put up in this area whatsoever. So if you and I went down to this place, we would have no idea two dogs had died a horrible, poisoned death."

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dwes Hutson said deputies put the signs up after reviewing the investigation.

Hutson also said the sheriff had received another poisoned dog report.

"We're just trying to do what we can to make sure people and their pets are safe," Hutson said. "Just a combination of things, the fact we want to be cautious and warn people so they don't go into that area."