'There are problems with alcohol and drugs here'

'There are problems with alcohol and drugs here' »Play Video
Syringes left in city parks wind up in a special container when city workers clean them up.

EUGENE, Ore. - Ray Hayworst picks up beer cans and syringes from the Washington-Jefferson Street Park.

"There are problems with alcohol and drugs here quite a bit," says Ray Hayworst with Eugene Parks and Open Space, pulling out a container of used syringes to prove the point.

"It's almost almost a daily occurence," he says.

The park was a major crime scene on Tuesday after a homeless man was killed. The suspect remains at large.

But it's an area one Eugene group plans to take on.

"We're trying to reviatlize the whole park," says Jonathan Faulkner with Sk8 Eugene.

The organization is raising money to build a 18,000-square foot skate park under the bridge.

"It's definitely an area that's being used mostly by people that are using it as a home," he says. "It's not actually being utilized as a city park."

The park will be built in place of the playground and bathrooms.

That's just steps away from here where Tuesday's homicide occured.

But the homicide isn't stopping the project.

"Historically when parks have been put in where there's a homeless population it tends to disperse them away from the area," says Faulkner.

Back at the park, Hayworst says he's been required to work in pairs since the incident.

He says he likes the idea of a skate park -- but he thinks the homeless and the crime won't move far.

"I think if there were a skate park right there, they'd still be right here," he says.

If he's right?

"I think you'll still see a large number of people using the park," says Faulkner. "And I think you'll see the opposite. That's what I believe."