People keep going to Oregon creek where dogs died

People keep going to Oregon creek where dogs died »Play Video

ELKTON, Ore -- The Douglas County Sheriffs Office posted signs up and down Elk Creek after several dogs died after visiting the popular fishing home.

Sheriff posts warning signs where dogs diedBut some people say that's not enough. So they've made their own signs.

None of the warnings stopped the Rich family from a day of fun on the rapids.

Dad John read about the deaths on the Internet and saw the signs at the boat launch.

"We've been coming here for 10 years and never had a problem," said Rich. "Plus, a lot of water runs through here."

Brooks Fahy disagrees. He works for Predator Defense, a wildlife organization. He said people are at risk and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office isn't doing enough to warn the public. So he and a few others spent the day posting even more signs along the river.

KVAL News talked to Sheriff John Hanlin on the phone. He said the postings are adequate.

"At this point we don't want to create panic in the community when we haven't even determined what has caused the death of the animals," said Hanlin.

Hanlin said the health department tested the water. The water may be safe, but something likely killed the dogs and the answer to what did might not come for a few weeks. Tests are being conducted on the bodies of two of the dead dogs.