Is the cost of college worth it?

Is the cost of college worth it? »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore.--The University of Oregon, like all college campuses, is filled with hopeful students, dreaming big about their futures.  But in the depths of the recession, those dreams are clouded by worries about debt.

The average college senior will graduate with about $23,000 in student debt, according to financial aid Web site

But as the unemployment rate climbs and the cost of college increases, some are wondering if the extra education is worth it.

The answer, according to career counselor Al King, is an emphatic yes.

"I would absolutely say all degrees are worth it these days," said King, who is an employment specialist with Lane County.  "In fact this is the perfect time to be scaling up."

King says the three areas that will see the most job growth in Lane County and Oregon over the next decade all require extra education and training--health care, green technology and software and computer design. 

Enrollment in less expensive options, including two year associate's degrees and one year certification programs is growing.  Those are good ways to get necesssary training said King, who also recommends people consider earning a bachelor's degree in the future.    

"Obviously, the more education you have, the more employment opportunities you have and better pay," said King.