Car-washing elephants attract visitors to Oregon

Car-washing elephants attract visitors to Oregon »Play Video
You can get anything you want at Alice's elephant car wash.

WINSTON, Ore. -- It's a car wash like you've never seen before. But it still has all the standard features.

High pressure rinse? Check.

Streak free detail? You got it!

Alice is one of three African elephants at Wildlife Safari that enjoys washing cars. It's one of several new exhibits and attractions that the Wildlife Safari added over the past summer. Despite the economy, the park has seen their sales increase by 28 percent over this time last year. 

"I think a great deal of the success that happened at Wildlife Safari this year was attributed to these animals," Executive Director Dan VanSlyke said. "People love to come out and have fun. What's really cool with our elephants is what started this whole thing, and that's that they love to play in water."

Visitors are traveling to the Wildlife Safari in Winston from all over the globe. Tourists from as far as India and London are coming to Oregon to get their cars washed by elephants in an exhibit added over the summer. The wild animal park believes that the difference could be a direct result to Alice and the elephants' car washing procedure.

"They've definitely drawn a lot of people into park," elephant supervisor Carol Matthews said. "In fact that we've had lots of people come back and do it again and again cause they had to bring their friends and families"




While it's hose-free, it's guaranteed not to get your car clean.

But VanSlyke believes that won't be a problem.

"The reason that there's been such a spike this summer during this bad economic time, is people still want to recreate. Still kind of want to get away from problems," Van Slyke said. "But they want it affordable and they want to feel that they're actually investing in something that has a value."


One recommendation: don't bring a convertible.