Rare Brown Booby spotted near Coos Bay

Rare Brown Booby spotted near Coos Bay
On a foggy Thursday, Russ Namitz trained his camera in close to get a shot of the bird. Conditons improved Friday for photography.

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Birders observed a rare Brown Booby roosting on a wooden structure in a bay east of Coos Bay on Wednesday.

Russ Namitz with the Audubon Society in Coos Bay said the birds was roosting with cormorants on a wooden structure between buoys in an area near the mouth of the bay.

On Thursday, fog and mist obscured the bird:

On Friday, Namitz got a closer shot of the bird:

He recommended Fossil Point just south of the Dairy Queen on the Capa Arago Highway for possible observation.

The blog Oregon Sea Birds said this only the fourth confirmed sighting of a Brown Booby in Oregon.

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This story will be updated as more information becomes available.