Could McArthur Court have a classroom future?

Could McArthur Court have a classroom future? »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - You won't see University of Oregon basketball played for very much longer at historic McArthur Court.

The new Matthew Knight Arena is set to open at the end of next year, and officials face a vexing question: How do you save a classic building like Mac Court from the wrecking ball?

"So the question is, does it make sense to do that? Does it make sense financially to do it?" explains Chris Ramey, Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Real Estate at the University of Oregon.

A Future of Mac Court report from last March recommends saving the 82-year-old arena, but it has to fit the UO's academic mission and the new use has to fit the location.

"Our study has to see if there's any way we can preserve the historical heritage of the building as we convert it to another use," Ramey said.

Don't ask how much this may cost. They don't know. That's the job of a company, soon to be hired, to see if a Mac Court renovation can pencil out.

Once the planning firm is hired, that's when the real work begins to see if Mac Court actually has a future.

The leading idea in the hopper is for a relocated School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

"What I hope happens here is a great facility for the advancement of education," Ramey said.

Officials hope by next March that the answer is a slam dunk.

Chris Ramey emphasizes that no final decision has been made for the School of Architecture to move in.

"They are being used as the measuring stick because they are one of the University's top priorities for new construction," he said.