Marijuana-themed sub shop opens in Eugene

Marijuana-themed sub shop opens in Eugene »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore - There's a new sandwich joint near downtown Eugene that has a marijuana-themed menu.

The names of menu items at "Cheba Hut's Toasted Subs" play off pot references.

"We've got things from 'White Widow' to 'Afghani' to 'The Cush,' says Eugene owner Ryan Holder. "Nug size, pinner size, and blunt size. Our sandwiches are named after different strands of marijuana to add a little fun and add some character to our restaurant."

This is the company's 12th location. It's the brain-child of Scott Jennings. He opened his first one in Arizona.

Jennings says the name comes from a Tone Loc song called "Cheba Cheba."

"They talk about smoking marijuana and getting the munchies," he says. "So that's kind of where it came from."

Despite the suggestive names of Cheba Hut's sandwiches, there's no actual marijuana inside; however, some items, like the brownies, do contain hemp.

"They have the hemp seeds on there," says Holder. "They're legal. Nothing crazy on there!"

The sub shop has been met with its fair share of criticism. According to reports on the companies website, police showed up to check things out at their first location while another branch was initially denied a liquor license.

Jennings says although the Cheba Hut is advertised to those who have the munchies, he wants the public to know they're just having fun.

He says the sub shop is not all about getting high.

"If you don't smoke marijuana we still want you to be very comfortable in the shop here," he says. "It's not all about marijuana it's about freedom of speech and the right to do business how you want to."

Cheba Hut's Toasted Subs opens to the public Tuesday, Jan. 12. It's located at 339 East 11th Avenue in Eugene.

The company is also planning to open a Cheba Hut in Portland in the next year or so.