Get expelled from school, lose your license

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EUGENE, Ore. -- Get in trouble at school, and you could get expelled -- or lose your drivers license.

Under a new proposal, students in the Bethel School District could lose their license if they get in trouble.

Supporters said the ability to take away the keys could help keep teens out of trouble.

"We talk to kids and say, "Listen here -- here's what's going to happen if you get expelled again," said Pat McGillivray, spokesman for the Bethel School District. "You don't want this to happen."

Many Oregon schools already have such a policy in place. A state law passed in 1998 gave them the authority.

But officials at the Eugene 4J and Springfield school districts said it's rarely used because offenses of this caliber don't happen very often.
"Students who are expelled at least twice or students who bring a weapon onto campus," McGillivray said. "Pretty serious matters."
The new policy would include an appeals process.

Student Lauren Collins worries the punishment could reach beyond the student.

"Taking away a license from a student or a child or a teen, I mean, they could have their license to help out their family in others ways," said Collins, a Willamette High School junior. "Say their mom has a disability and they can't drive and then the school takes away the license and they're stuck."

But student McKenzie Clements said it might be a good way to keep troublemakers in line.

"I think if you're not being responsible," said the Willamette High School sophomore, "you shouldn't be able to drive on the road."