From top employer to liquidation: Country Coach

From top employer to liquidation: Country Coach »Play Video

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- Going, going, gone.

Eighteen hundred items auctioned off in a matter of hours Thursday and Friday as Country Coach RV sells off assets to try and come up with millions of dollars to pay Wells Fargo and other creditors.

"From office supplies, to tools, clear up to the finished coaches," said Ray Beal with Commercial Industrial Auctioneers. "Everything that was involved in the production of a Country Coach motor home is being auctioned off."

Two years ago, Country Coach employed 1,600 people in Junction City, Ore. Now the company is bankrupt.

The auctioneers took over when the company went under. 

Country Coach's assets include 10 luxury coaches that are completed and ready for sale. Normally they run anywhere between $400,000 to $800,000. At auction, they fetch $200,000.

The auction is the final chapter in Country Coach's story.

"It's kind of sad to see it go, you know," said Jerry Nash, a former Country Coach employee. "And it's a big loss for Junction City too."