Wildlife Safari welcomes bison babies

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WINSTON, Ore. - You may not be able to tell by the weather that it is late spring, but this time of year always brings new additions to Wildlife Safari in Winston.

Seven baby bison have been born in the last couple of weeks, and they are the first of what looks to be a big spring of newborns at the park.

Park Curator Dan Brands said the experience is great for both the staff and the guests.

"We see who can find the baby animals first thing in the morning, and the first person to find it gets to name it so they always have a little fun with that," he said. "And it's always fun to see new animals here in the park. The guests really like to see babies and that's what they come out to see, especially in the springtime."

The new bison are active and playful especially in the morning.  While there are soon-to-be mothers that are due soon, some of the babies will be born a little later in the year.

"Hopefully we'll see some babies this summer, maybe some zebra babies, maybe even some guanaco babies that we're all waiting for  and we're just watching all our pregnant mothers carefully and waiting for that special day," said Brands.

The Safari has the most successful cheetah breeding program in the country. If they get cheetah cubs this year, it will be the first time in about 3 years.