Rare baby lemurs born at Wildlife Safari

Rare baby lemurs born at Wildlife Safari »Play Video

WINSTON, Ore. - For the first time in nearly two decades, Wildlife Safari in Winston is welcoming some baby Red-ruffed Lemurs.

The four babies were born on May 14 and are on display in the nursery section of the Safari Village. Because Red-ruffed Lemurs are endangered, the park follows a species survival plan to help ensure they're around for years to come.
"We work with other zoos and aquariums throughout the United States and determine how to best keep the genetic population very healthy and viable,"  said Dan Brands, the park curator, "and from there they make recommendations on a yearly basis on how many animals should be breeding and which animals would be best to match up together."
The lemurs are being raised by the staff until the animals can be properly introduced into the exhibit.
While the park is famous for its cheetah breeding program, officials hope  the newborns will be the first of many additions to the park.
"We have been working really hard on re-energizing a lot of our other breeding programs here at the park," Brands said, "and so Red-ruffed lemur is the first SSP breeding than we have had, other than cheetahs, in the park in quite some time, and we are looking at our lions as well.  It has been 18 years since we have had lion cubs in the park."
The staff sees a lot of animal births this time of year, all around the park, and they are hoping to to have their first cheetah cubs in nearly two years. The cubs could arrive at any time.