'Really expensive real estate for a garden'

'Really expensive real estate for a garden' »Play Video

EUGENE, OR -- Edwards Investments bought land off Crescent Avenue in Eugene five years ago. They had hoped to expand their party supply company.

That didn't happen. Sales started to slump.

"I think the last two years would be two of the worst years," property owner Mike Edwards said.

After sitting on the land, Edwards and his son Matt started tilling it and turning the lot into a garden. Fruits and veggies are just starting to pop up. 

The food is for anyone who wants it.

"Been a lot of interest here locally," Edwards said.

Edwards tells people to stop by,  pull a weed and grab some cauliflower.

"We have way more than we'll use and that's my intent," Edwards siad.

It's an abundance made possible by poor sales. Edwards said the goal of the garden isn't to make money.

"It's not for that purpose at all," Edwards said. "It's just kind of a community thing, family thing, so we can share it in our families and with the people around us."

He gardens because it makes him feel good.

"This is a labor of love," Edwards said. "This isn't exercise to me. It's constructive. I'm being productive and producing something. I enjoy it."

Edwards still wants to develop the lot once the economy improves.

"It's really expensive real estate for a garden," Edwards said.

Until then, he'll be here two to three hours a day, picking produce and pulling for a better business climate.

The garden is on Suzanne Way, halfway between Crescent Avenue and Chad Drive in North Eugene.