Oregon wolf pack has at least 4 new pups

Oregon wolf pack has at least 4 new pups
Photo courtesy ODFW

IMNAHA, Ore. - An Oregon wolf pack has at least four new pups this year based on photographs taken with a motion-activated camera, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said Wednesday.

The Imnaha wolf pack in northeastern Oregon has at least four new pups this year, images captured on a motion-triggered trail camera show. | See a photo gallery of the Oregon wolf pups

An image taken July 3 marked the first visual proof of new pups this year, and ODFW said the pack may have more pups than these four.

Wolf pups are born in mid-April, and litters average four to six pups, ODFW said. Pups generally become active outside their pack’s den in June.

Six adult wolves were also seen in the images captured by the trail camera, including the alpha female.

Past evidence, including a video taken November 2009, indicate at least 10 wolves made up the Imnaha pack before the pups were born this year.

The alpha male, whose GPS collar has not been detected since May 31, is not in any of the images, ODFW said. His condition and whereabouts are not known.