How to keep bears away from your home

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EUGENE, Ore.--A late berry crop is responsible for a jump in late-July nuisance bear problems, say state wildlife officials.

Bears getting into garbage and appearing in neighborhoods on the outskirts of town is common in late spring and early summer, but many Oregon residents are still reporting bear sightings.

"Once the berries become ripe, the berries become the easiest thing to eat," said Brian Wolfer, with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  "When they're left with a choice between the natural grasses and grubs and someone's garbage, they're going to choose the garbage if its easy to get."

To keep bears away from your property, remove their food source.

ODFW recommends:

  1. Keep pet food indoors.
  2. Remove fruit that has fallen from trees
  3. Hang bird feeders from a wire at least 10 feet off the round. 
  4. Keep the area under bird feeders clean.
  5. Secure garbage cans inside your garage or shed. 
  6. Don't put garbage out for pick-up the night before.  Instead, put the bins out close to pick-up time.
  7. Clean garbage cans with bleach after they're emptied to remove food smells.
  8. Use electric fencing to keep bears away from orchards, compost piles and beehives.
  9. Keep barbecues clean
  10. Never feed a bear.