After 40 years of service, Sister Margaret gets fond farewell

After 40 years of service, Sister Margaret gets fond farewell »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- A long-time nun got a fond farewell at her retirement party Thursday, honoring the nearly 40 years of her life she devoted to serving our community.

The Lane County Sheriff's Office and St. Mary's Catholic Church honored Sister Margaret Graziano Thursday afternoon by presenting her with her very own honorary sheriff’s badge. 

Among her many service projects Sister Margaret organized classes for inmates such as art, poetry, fitness, and yoga. She also spent her time with counseling, education, and religious services around the community.

At her dedication, Sister Margaret Graziano said that she was happy to have given so many people opportunities to make their own lives better.

“Many remember what I've done for them ... that I'd just do for anybody and, you know, I don't remember all those things - but this is a real tribute!” Sister Margaret said.

Her volunteerism has expanded beyond the Lane County lines. Sister Margaret has been recognized as the Justice Volunteer of the Year by the International Association of Justice Volunteers.

She was also honored with a Vatical Gold Medal from Pope Benedict the 16th.