Albany woman wins big on Wheel of Fortune

Albany woman wins big on Wheel of Fortune »Play Video

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Emily Eichelberger tuned in to her favorite show, Wheel of Fortune, Monday night like she does every night.

But for this show, dozens of friends and family tuned in with her at Clodfelters in Corvallis.

On Monday night's episode she was not just a viewer.

The Albany wife and mother was the middle contestant spinning the wheel and guessing the words and phrases.

Eichelberger kept how she did at the taping a secret from everyone, including her husband, Justin.

"I think she won something, she's a good player," said Justin Eichelberger.

Eichelberger watched alongside her family and friends as they tuned into to the episode for the first time.

The Albany contestant started the episode with a bang.

"In the beginning I thought it was going to be really easy," E. Eichelberger said.

But as the show went on, Eichelberger's husband began to have doubts as she went bankrupt and missed a few words and phrases.

Eichelberger's luck turned around toward the end of the game when she correctly answered a few more words and phrases.

The amount the contestant took home weighed in on whether she could guess the words, 'bird food.'

As her husband Justin watched, he correctly guessed it.

When Emily correctly answered 'bird food' as well, her husband could not believe his eyes.

Emily's performance left her husband Justin in tears as the more than $100,000 grand prize flashed across the TV screen.

"It's incredible," J. Eichelberger said. "I had no idea. I knew she did well, I knew she played well, but I'm totally shocked."

The Eichelbergers said they are thinking about taking the overdue honeymoon they could not afford to take when they got married.

But no matter what the couple decides to do with the cash, Justin Eichelberger said one thing is for sure.

"I'm totally excited, totally proud of her," J. Eichelberger said.