'Ambassadors of the Eugene dream' take sustainable farming on road

'Ambassadors of the Eugene dream' take sustainable farming on road

EUGENE, Ore. - Tuula Rebhahn and her partner Hanna Cooper have been biking to work in Eugene for two years.

But they don't have desk jobs.

"We work for milk, eggs, meat," Rebhahn said.

They take care of gardens and animals like chickens, ducks and goats at Nettle Edge Farm in Santa Clara.

All their food comes from the farm, and nothing goes to waste - not even goat droppings.

"Keeping that soil nice and rich, and just moist with nutrients," Cooper said.

The animals feed the soil and the soil feeds the animals on this sustainable farm.

Now they want to share their knowledge of sustainability with the rest of the country.

"We're calling ourselves ambassadors from the Eugene dream and bringing a different way of life to people who may feel stuck," Rebhahn said.

They're planning a bike tour from Florence on the Oregon Coast all the way to Boston.

"Two women, two stomachs," Cooper said.

"5,000 miles," Rebhahn added.

The idea for the Food Cycles Bicycle Tour has been blossoming for some time. Rebhahn has been teaching elementary school kids about where their food comes from, and Cooper is a cycling advocate. They thought they'd bring their two passions together to grow the sustainability movement.

"We want to inspire people to discover a way to reduce their impact," Rebhahn said.

For now, it's harvest time before the rain hits. Come December, they are off.

You can follow their journey on their blog or contribute to their budget online.