Tasty Tuesday: Beer, it's not just for drinking

Tasty Tuesday: Beer, it's not just for drinking »Play Video

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Being in the month of October may have you thinking about Octoberfest.  Octoberfest may have you thinking about beer.  However, not everyone drinks beer so I thought I'd swing by Hop Valley Brewing, Springfield's only brew pub, at 980 Kruse Way, to find out just what else you can do with it.

I'll admit, when Chef Casey Martin mentioned we would be doing beer battered fish, I immediately longed for something a little more unique.  My mind was instantly changed the moment he began crafting the concoction.  I was not as impressed with the recipe as much as his ability to explain not only the how, but the why.  A quality that not only displayed his compitence in the kitchen, but also his love of the culinary arts.

After what can only be described as a schooling in the act of beer battering fish, Chef Martin turned my attention to the uniqe items I had so eagerly awaited.  A chocolate cake and a cheese cake both made with beer.  That's right.  Dessert with beer in it.  It's a concept not completely foreign to me, but never fails to catch me off guard.  Chef Martin explains both in the video below.

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