Bigfoot at boot store a statuesque 'squatch

Bigfoot at boot store a statuesque 'squatch

EUGENE, Ore. - The 9-foot-tall sasquatch standing behind Chad Williamson at Baker's Boots isn't real - unlike the one he said he saw in person.

"It was pretty scary, I definitely was freaking out," Williamson told KVAL News. "Me and my cousin were sitting by the fire and there was a noise and a splash in the water and we put a flashlight on it and we saw red eyes in the water. We kind of ran then."
The bigfoot at Baker's was created by crews from Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot." The sasquatch statue is making an appearance at the boot store for the next several months.

The idea is to promote local business, but Baker's employee Williams said the sighting near Tillamook made him a bigfoot believer.

"I also researched it and there were other sightings in that exact area," he said. "My dog was freaking out, and also the rocks - I don't know what would be able to smash rocks together."

He said the notion of a real sasquatch isn't that farfetched to him.

"Just like the rainforests, they discover species everyday," he said. "There's lots of people out in the forests all the time and they never see cougars or bears for years, so I don't know why something that's intelligent couldn't be found."