Bike-friendly cities: Eugene beats Seattle, Portland reigns supreme

Bike-friendly cities: Eugene beats Seattle, Portland reigns supreme
It's a bar, it's a bike, it's a bar you can bike around on. So it must be in Portland, the No. 1 bike-friendly city in America, according to Bicycling magazine. Photo by Alex McBride.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Bike-friendly Portland has risen to the top of the rankings in a list of bike-friendly U.S. cities, according to Bicycling magazine.

Eugene, Ore., came in at No. 9 in the rankings and Seattle was No. 10.

"Always quick to embrace cyclist-friendly innovations, Portland was the first city in the United States to implement bike boxes at intersections and elementary-school bike commuting trains," the magazine said on its website.

"It's nice to see Bicycling come to their senses and put us back on top where we belong," Portland cycling advocate and bike blogger Jonathan Maus told KATU News in an email. "It was clear that in 2010, they wanted to send a message by dropping us to No. 2; but after a more thorough analysis of all the cities this year, they came to the obvious conclusion."

"Portland might not be as far out in front as we used to be in terms of being a great bike city, but top to bottom, no one can beat us," Maus added. "Now, the challenge is for us to take it to the next level and compete with European cities where they truly have made bicycling a safe and convenient option for everyone."

The magazine also featured a lifestyle article by local resident and writer Bill Donahue.