Did you know you can wash your hair in a bank vault?

Did you know you can wash your hair in a bank vault? »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- From the outside it looks like a salon, but inside is some history that is key to Roseburg's past.

On the corner of Jackson Street in downtown Roseburg, a new salon has revamped what used to be an old bank and then a jewelry store.

The owner of Salon Volta is preserving centuries old remnants of what used to be there.

A wall of hair products stands side by side with old safety deposit boxes and a chandelier hangs from a tin ceiling, but that might not be the most interesting part of the building.

Right now, the salon is using a room to wash hair, but back in the 1800's, it was the banks vault. "There's another vault underneath our vault, and that was the only place where we could get the water for the shampoo area because it's kind of like a maze down there," said Kristie McLaughlin, the owner of the salon. "It's not just a full basement, and there's still broken glass from the (Roseburg) Blast, so there's a lot of history."

In the basement is the original boiler for the building.

McLaughlin, who is a Roseburg native, says it was important for her to preserve these pieces of history in such a historic part of town.

She says the city's downtown area has a lot to offer.

Some of her customers are just there to get a haircut, while others come to see a landmark.