FTA: 'No significant environmental impact' if EmX line expands

FTA: 'No significant environmental impact' if EmX line expands

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Federal Transit Administration announced Friday that they found no environmental setbacks within the proposed Emx expansion planned for W 11th Avenue.

After a key 7-1 approval vote from the Eugene City Council in September, the proposed West Eugene EmX Extension went to the federal government for approval.

The FTA reviewed the plan and issued a 'Finding of No Significant Impact', which completed the project's environmental planning and review process.

Lane transit officials said that the next step is project development. They said that they plan on having a final design ready in the next 18 to 24 months.

Andy Vobora, Marketing executive with Lane Transit District, said that construction is anticipated to begin in 2015, with a completion date as soon as January of 2017.

Vobora said that the $95 million project won't cause a tax increase for Eugene residents, as it relies on a large grant from the Federal Transit Administration as well as $20 million from state issued bonds.