Eugene woman wins big on Wheel of Fortune

Eugene woman wins big on Wheel of Fortune »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Julie Adams’ children said she’s the kind of mom and wife that never stops smiling, and when the first puzzle she solved on "Wheel of Fortune" was “miles of smiles,” she said she knew a big win on the game show was ahead.

Adams has been watching the game show in Eugene since she was a little girl.
“I used to watch the show with my dad,” said Adams.
As an adult she said she never thought she would actually be a contestant on the show, let alone make it all the way to the bonus round.
"I won a trip to Hawaii,” said Adams. “Aloha! And cash totaling $20,000, a little over $20,000.” 
When asked what the secret to her success was on the show, Adams said, “I guess you just have to have the gift. I have the gift! I’m really good. I’m not going to lie.”
But Adams did admit to preparing by playing online "Wheel of Fortune," practicing with her three boys, and always watching and playing along during the televised show. 
Adams said with her winnings she plans to either buy plane tickets for her boys or put the money into a college fund for them.
Her boys said they want her to spend the money on plane tickets so they can go to Hawaii.