Former student sues Eugene schools over bullying

Former student sues Eugene schools over bullying

EUGENE, Ore. - A family who says school officials didn't do enough to protect their son was bullying has filed a federal lawsuit against the district seeking unspecified damages.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of a former Cal Young Middle School student seeks compensation for both economic and non-economic damages from the Eugene 4J School District.

The district declined to comment, saying it does not comment on pending litigation. District policy does not tolerate bullying and requires all faculty to report bullying, a spokesperson said.

According to the lawsuit, the boy was bullied for three years. "On a daily basis, plaintiff was targeted as gay though he does not identify as gay," says the lawsuit, filed on behalf of the student identified only as "C.K."

The bullying continued from the 6th through the 8th grade, the lawsuit says. "Plaintiff faced daily verbal harassment and frequent physical assaults," the complaint says.

And it wasn't just students: the lawsuit also names a parent volunteer who "played a video of a track meet in which plaintiff had been lapped, pointing out to everyone to watch this funny part where plaintiff is lapped," the lawsuit says.

The plaintiff's mother claims she tried to inform the school about what was going on, but that the district failed to stop the abuse and even blamed the victim.

The student is now attending private school and seeing a doctor for anxiety.