Honoring Officer Kilcullen; one year anniversary

Honoring Officer Kilcullen; one year anniversary

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Normally, honking a car horn doesn't carry a positive message. But today ... people on the recently renamed Officer Chris Kilcullen Memorial Highway are honking out of respect.

One year after the death of Officer Chris Kilcullen, friends and family members gather back at the scene of the tragic incident. Deven Martin was one of the people who came out to the makeshift monument alongside the Officer Chris Kilcullen Memorial Highway. 

Martin says that he considers Kilcullen a personal hero, and a true father and friend. He tells us he was involved with gangs … and it was Kilcullen who turned his life around.

"He said ‘Is this how you want to be when you get married? Is this how you want to be? When you've got so much going on in your world what happens when you have your first boy, are you going to teach him to be a thug?’" said Martin.

Martin says that he will continue to show support for his lost friend every year. As he put it “I won't leave until everyone here knows how I truly feel about that man."