Lawsuit filed against Boy Scouts for abuse in Corvallis

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Nearly two months after a Portland firm released 1,200 files documenting sex abuse in the Boy Scouts, a lawsuit was filed against the organization for misconduct that allegedly occurred in Corvallis.

It was filed against the Boy scouts of America and the Oregon Trail Council, as well as the First United Methodist Church of Corvallis, which sponsored the victim’s troop.

The suit claims that in 1984, former Corvallis scoutmaster James J. Jones sexually abused an 11-year-old scout more than 50 times.

The plaintiff, identified as “Henry Doe”, stated that Jones molested him in an office at the church, and sexually abused him during camping and hiking trips.

“Doe” also asserts that Jones didn’t report another scoutmaster in Corvallis, William Tobiassen, that was also molesting children.

Tobiassen was arrested in 1984 for abusing a scout while overseeing scout activities.

The lawsuit was filed by Kelly Clark, one of the lawyers in Portland who released the 1,200 documents that revealed a lengthy history of sex abuse, much of which went unreported by scouting officials.