Man dead after dispute at campground

Man dead after dispute at campground

OAKRIDGE, Ore. -- An Oakridge man was charged with manslaughter Thursday in connection to a man's death near Hills Creek Reservoir, Lane County Sheriff's Office said.

 A state employee called police to the reservoir Tuesday night after getting reports of an assault. A fishing group said the assault happened at the south end of the reservoir. Upon further investigation police found the body of Alan Platt, 46, at a reservoir campground.

They took the suspect, 33-year-old Aaron Curry in into custody at Packard Creek Campground. He was waiting with a campground host.

Platt and Curry were acquaintances, and stayed overnight near the Packard Creek Campground. Investigators said that the two had been drinking and got into a physical dispute that resulted Platt's death.

Curry has been taken into custody on Manslaughter charges in connection to Platt's death. Investigators hope to have the investigation wrapped up by Friday.