'I found a video of our female roommate in the shower topless'

'I found a video of our female roommate in the shower topless' »Play Video
Roger James Tucker

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Police say at least three women were secretly taped by a former roommate.

24-year-old OSU student Roger Tucker was arrested on Sunday (Nov. 25) on three counts of invasion of privacy. He was released the same day.

Tucker's former girlfriend, Marisa Dewolfe, made an alarming discovery while downloading music on his computer.

"Instead I found a video of our current female roommate in the shower topless," said Dewolfe. "She was home with me at the time so I showed it to her and she called the police."

Dewolfe said that she discovered the camera inside of her bathroom.

"It's actually a spy camera disguised to look like a towel hook attached to the wall," Dewolfe said.

Dewolfe and Tucker were living with a female roommate, Melissa Ragsdale and a male roommate. Ragsdale's sister also lived at the residence; she moved out nearly two months ago.

The victims not only lost their friend, they also lost their home.

"Violated, betrayed … I feel like I've lost a best friend. Roger and I have known each other since 2004," said Ragsdale.

Police confiscated computer equipment and the towel hanger camera as evidence in the case. Officials also recovered three letters that Tucker had written to the victims.

Tucker's next court appearance is set for December 13.