Is the Oregon GOP out of touch? 'I don't think the data reflects that'

Is the Oregon GOP out of touch? 'I don't think the data reflects that'

EUGENE, Ore. - Democrats had a big night November 6, sweeping the statewide races on the Oregon ballot and taking full control of the legislature.

Even after

the results of the election

, Oregon Republican Party leaders say the party's message is not out of touch.

Lane County Republicans meet Thursday night to choose new leaders and map out the future.

Vice Chair Paul Barnett said his message will be party unity: don't finger point the blame at others.

He advocates sticking to the party's message: Create more jobs and pass targeted tax cuts.  

"It's not so much the message that needs to change but the messenger has to make the message
a lot clearer," he said.

Barnett said local counties must do a better job of leadership training and recruiting candidates.

State GOP Chairman

Allen Alley

quipped to the Register-Guard newspaper last week, "Anyone have

Chip Kelly

's number? I need a couple of new plays."

He has changed his tune.

"Upon further review of the game film, it's not so bad," Alley told KVAL News on Wednesday.

The state chairman feels the Republicans and the GOP agenda are not out of touch.   

"I don't think so.  I don't think the data reflects that. The voter registration numbers are moving in our direction. The results are better than they were in 2008.  We're moving the ball forward," said Alley.

He points to the narrowing of the

voter registration gap

between Oregon Democrats and Republicans as a good sign.

Alley said Democrats lead Republicans in registration by 8 percent, down from 11 percent in 2008.