Oregon public universities propose tuition increases

Oregon public universities propose tuition increases

EUGENE, Ore. - The Oregon University System is proposing another increase in tuition for the 2013 to 20-14 academic year.

In-state tuition proposals | Out-of-state tuition proposals

Students at the University of Oregon spoke out Friday at the first public hearing of the matter.

The proposed increase for in-state UO students is 5.8 percent more per term than last year, $181 more. That increases the cost per term to $3,284 for in-state tuition.

Non-residents can expect to pay almost triple that in tuition.

Oregon State in-state student face a 4.5 percent increase, $121 more per term. That puts tuition at $2,834 per term.

The next public meeting is May 24 in Portland.

If approved by the State Board of Higher Education, the rate increases would take effect next fall.

Resident tuition rates

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