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Rescuing Klamath Eagles
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  • Rescuing Klamath Eagles
  • Rescuing Klamath Eagles
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Rescuing Klamath Eagles
In this photo taken Dec. 21, 2011, eagles stand in an enclosure at Badger Run Wildlife Rehab near Keno, Ore. Attracted by easy meals among overwintering waterfowl, bald eagles are attracted to the Klamath Basin in large numbers, as many as 500 birds at the peak during January and February, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates. But some run into trouble, from lead poisonings, cars and gunshots, which is where the Badger Run Wildlife Rehab center comes in. The nonprofit center near Keno gets about 10 eagles a year, most bald eagles, and rehabilitates about half of them. (AP Photo/The Herald And News, Alex Powers)