Police see spike in gun crimes in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - The graduate student accused of firing dozens of rounds from a gun into the ceiling of his university owned rental home last weekend is the latest example of a trend facing Eugene Police: an increase in crimes involving guns.

The Eugene Police Department Crime Analysis Unit reports that over the first three months of 2013 there has been a 33 percent increase in weapons offenses over last year.

The analysis also found an 89 percent increase in weapons possessed illegally and a 19 percent increase in weapons being carried concealed.

In addition to the case of Jack McDowell, the graduate teaching fellow accused of shooting up his rental house, Eugene Police chronicled the following examples from the last week alone:

Last week, police arrested 39-year-old Jacob Sien, a convicted felon on the run from warrants for more than a year. In addition to a revolver, Sien had ammo, masks, gloves, wigs, burglarly tools, knives and small amounts of meth and marijuana on his person.

Then on Friday, May 10, Police assisting parole officers arrested Jett Levi Faribault, 27, on warrants. Police said there was evidence Faribault was dealing heroin - and he had a large gun safe, including a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun.

Early the next morning, police stopped a vehicle because the driver appeared intoxicated. Inside, they found a loaded pistol, brass knuckles and meth. Officers arrested Ramon Najar, 24, and Ramon Gonzales Moreno Hedras, 24, on firearms and drug charges.