Pups splash, play as pool season ends

Pups splash, play as pool season ends

EUGENE, Ore. -- To celebrate the end of the summer season Osborn Aquatic Center in Corvallis went to the dogs. The pool area was made dog-friendly, and dog owners could pay admission to have a fun day of fetch and doggy paddling at the water park.

About 600 dogs came out to splash around and enjoy the last of the sunny weather at the 8th annual event. "Dog Day" is scheduled right before the pool is drained for maintenance each year.

Mike Fischer of the Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department said that while dogs are aloud to play in the pool, humans have to stay on the deck.

"There is no human swimming. That's against health code to have humans and dogs share the pool. So it is exclusively dogs." said Fischer. "Other than that all we have to do is clear the equipment out so its all set for the dogs. As you know dogs like to run around like crazy."

Money raised at the event goes to the Corvallis Parks and Recreation's Family Assistance Program, a program that helps hundreds of low income families gain access to rec programs.