Tasty Tuesday: Beeter's Bakery

Tasty Tuesday: Beeter's Bakery

COBURG, Ore. - The town of Coburg is pretty small, but Beeter's Bakery on Willamette St. is doing big things with cake.

It started as a house, was converted into a cafe and now it's a family run bakery.  By family run, I mean family run.  Heather Jakubenas does the decorating but her mom does all baking.

"The Name Beeter's is funny because everyone thinks its like my last name," says Jakubenas, "but it's actually a nickname that my sister gave me when we were little and it stuck."

Before you categorize this bakery as just another cake shop, you may want to check out some of their designs.  From cartoon characters and elaborate scenes to zombies, nothing seems off the table when it comes to what they will do for a custom cake.

If something elaborate isn't your thing they are rockin' simplicity with stuff like Jar Cake.  A mason jar filled with various combinations of cakes and fillings.

Anyone with anything resembling a sweet tooth is sure to find something to curb a craving.  The real icing on the cake the charm of the locaction sprinkled with service that makes you feel like part of the family.

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