Tasty Tuesday: Campbell House

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EUGENE, Ore. - It is not often you can enjoy a meal while surrounded by history.  The Campbell House at 252 Pearl St. in Eugene is one of the few places in the area that offers up just that.

The Campbell House was built back in 1892.  Eugene is celebrating 150 years this year making it a house that is only 30 years younger than the city you'll find it in.  Having an opportunity to share a location as historic as this with Tasty Tuesday viewers is an honor.

The home was converted into a bed and breakfast back in 1993, and now there is a restaurant open for business.  In the kitchen I found Chef Brett Rauber.  He went from considering a career in law to finding success in the culinary arts.

Rauber pays close attention to detail while in the kitchen.  A trait that pays off on the plate, but made for one of the more in depth recipes we've had on Tasty Tuesday.  Check out the video below to see how the whole dish is made and to learn more about Chef Rauber.

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